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Pressure Ulcer Management
Bariatric Care
Patient Positioning and Handling
Fall Risk Abatement
Knee Rehabilitation

Welcome to MedSTAR Medical.
MedSTAR Medical is a single-source provider of solutions to assist caregivers in meeting specific needs of their residents and patients. MedSTAR provides solutions in the areas of Pressure Ulcer Management, Bariatric Care, Patient Positioning and Handling, Fall Risk Abatement and Knee Rehabilitation.

MedSTAR combines superior products from leading equipment vendors with industry-leading service and price to forge offerings which aid in attainment of the caregivers’ goal of high-quality, cost-effective patient care.

The components of the MedSTAR solutions are:
Clean, reliable equipment from leading manufacturers such as Invacare®, Plexus Medical®, ROHO®, and BIGBOYZ®, among others
Competitive pricing
Assistance in determining the most appropriate product for the need at hand
Standard-setting mean time to delivery (MTTD) and mean time to repair (MTTR) metrics
Qualified, experienced technicians available 24/7

Call us at 800.373.6555 to speak to a Customer Service Representative
or email us at sales@medstarmed.com.
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