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Pressure Ulcer Management
Bariatric Care
Patient Positioning and Handling
Fall Risk Abatement
Knee Rehabilitation

What We Sell.
In addition to partnering with superior vendors for rental products, we have partnered with a select few vendors to provide items for sale in areas that are complementary to our core rental products. Please click on the links below to browse information on available products.

Patient Positioning and Safety Devices
Pressure Relief, Positioning and Comfort
Thin-Line Cushions
Bariatric Cushions
Heel, Elbow and Skin Protectors
PVC Medical Equipment

Current Vendor Price Lists:
Click to view price list.

Orthotic Rehab
Skil-Care Corporation




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Pressure Ulcer Management  • Bariatric Care  • Patient Handling and Positioning • Fall Risk Abatement • Knee Rehabilitation
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